Ornua –
An employer brand campaign with global ambition


Our campaign, ‘Irish Beginnings, Global Success’, combines the two sides of Ornua – its roots in Irish farms, and its global reach and impact.

In Ireland, and in particular within its industry, Ornua is one of the best known names – the owner and guardian of the world-famous Kerrygold brand. However, when it comes to recruitment, the great scale and legacy of the organisation is sometimes mistakenly perceived as slightly staid – a throwback to Ireland’s rural and agricultural heritage.

Our challenge was to demonstrate to graduates and other potential recruits the reality that Ornua is one of Europe’s most dynamic companies – a globally recognised innovator in the science and production of high quality food, food supplements, and in exciting and ground-breaking marketing. It is very much a 21st century success story, at the forefront of securing Ireland’s envious reputation for food quality, both through tireless improvements in production techniques, and by bringing that produce to the world.

‘Irish Beginnings, Global Success’

Our campaign, ‘Irish Beginnings, Global Success’, juxtaposes these two sides of Ornua – its all-important roots in Irish farms, and its global reach and impact.

The ads position Ornua as a dynamic, outward looking organisation that provides meaningful careers to talented graduates, with headlines that both reflect Ornua’s legacy and vision, and capture the sense of ambition of potential recruits, who desire challenging careers that reach beyond borders.

Video & Localisation

The campaign included a series of videos that captured the breath of opportunity and expertise at Ornua. The videos featured employees from across the organisation speaking about their careers, and in particular how they contributed to Ornua meeting its challenges. The vignettes demonstrated the level of expertise and vision expected at the company, and captured the satisfaction of successfully contributing to its progress.

With its strong international outlook, we were conscious that it was impractical to try to centrally produce ads for around the world. Instead, we produced a set of templates and guidelines allowing Ornua offices around the world to localise the campaign.

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