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Every week we share Our Take, a weekly look at the hottest goings-on, pulled together by our team, with a Sweartaker perspective. Within each edition, we unearth trends and narratives that help us develop culturally connected concepts that land with the right audience.

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  • Edition 122
    In this week’s Our Take, football legends swap identities to shed light on gender bias in sports, Tiger Beer has fashioned the next summer essential attire and we check out a modern-day night at the Oper-AI. Great … Read more
  • Edition 121
    In this week’s Our Take, an Argentinian football club makes a swell point, Pinterest are refreshing the default, Roblox (shockingly) has shocked us, and we look at some v nice design work from ESPN. A swell way … Read more
  • Edition 120
    In this week’s Our Take, we check out a satellite that is bringing us bad news now so we can have a better future. The New York Times knows what you’re like on a Zoom call. Cost … Read more
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