The Sky’s the Limit for Three 


Unlimited texts, calls, data, snot, stinks and joy

We helped Three build the feel-good factor with an innovative tactical PR campaign that connected with families across Ireland.

Three’s “The Sky’s the Limit” campaign reflected their determination to respond to the Covid crisis with a truly useful offer: 50% off calls, texts and data for the second half of 2020. Our ambition was to develop a PR campaign that would echo the campaign’s sentiment, and help build the feel-good factor.

Our solution? We combined an intriguing detail in Three’s advertising – how unlimited data gives us easier access to audiobooks – with the much-loved Grandad from their ‘Monster Hunter’ ad to create something special: a children’s audiobook, read by ‘Grandad’.

We developed a story called “The Sky’s the Limit” about a gang of brave clever kids who defeat the ridiculously gross monsters that have shut down their school, their playground and their parents’ workplace – a not too subtle allegory of the Covid crisis, which motivated Three’s offer. It’s beautifully read by the acclaimed actor John Olohan, who, as Grandad, brings to life the characters and the monsters in all their snotty, stinky glory.

To create an even bigger feel-good moment, we held a live, interactive, story-time event. Children across Ireland logged in with their parents to listen to Grandad himself read from the story.  Under the guidance of host Clíona Ní Chosáin (of RTE Homeschool fame) the children enthusiastically joined in, shouting at the monsters, and winning prizes.   

As PR for the event landed, we responded to the high level of interest by increasing our audience from 30 to 100 families. We also invited influencers and key media, who publicised the unique event through their social channels and joined live, with their own families.

The campaign delivered multiple rounds of print, broadcast and online coverage, through our pre-event comms, as well as the post-event launch of the audiobook, landing hits that sparked interest in some of the most sought after places.

It was the ultimate feel-good campaign, to land a do-good message, from Three.

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