• Edition 89
    Fast food, slow shopping, and two different kinds of cheating make millions. Read it all below in this week’s Our Take CHATS AT THE CHECKOUT Jumbo, a Dutch Supermarket chain, realised there are a lot of potentially … Read more
  • Edition 88
    In this week’s Our Take, mind control moves from sci-fi to IRL with promising new tech for tetraplegics. AI is set to banish those nightmare life admin calls with new audio deepfakes. Bike brand Van Moof uses … Read more
  • Edition 87
    Merry New Year trendlovers, and welcome to your first fix of Our Take 2023. There’s no room for resolutions or round-ups here, we’re diving straight in with one intention and one intention only; to deliver you the … Read more
  • Edition 86 – The Humanity Issue
    This week, we explore some campaigns and initiatives that are combatting issues affecting communities across the world. We look at a report on LGBTQIA+ representation in the US and explore how an art piece can raise awareness … Read more
  • Edition 85 – The Food Issue
    Foodie fever! In this week’s special, Our Take: The Food Edit, we do a deep dive into the delicious and delectable. From mood foods and cannabis cooking, to scent-flavoured hydration systems endorsed by Kim Kardashian, we explore … Read more
  • Edition 84 – The Design + Fashion Issue
    This week, we look at the design and fashion world and give our take on the latest happenings and trends. We delve into why a graffiti artist encouraged his followers to shoplift (and why we get it … Read more
  • Edition 83 – The Music Issue
    In this week’s Our Take, we turn our focus to music and look at some interesting stories involving the second coming of a pop star and a legend stepping into the virtual world. We also explore how … Read more
  • Edition 82 – The Sports Issue
    Our Sports issue is dominated by the World Cup in the same way that men’s rowing is dominated by Paul O’Donovan – no one else is getting a look-in. It’s the World Cup, and it’s got everything … Read more
  • Edition 81 – The Tech Issue
    This week, welcome to the future! Or something like it. We’re looking at the current trends in tech, and how they’re influencing marketing, design, work and, of course, play. AR you ready? Augmented Reality has been in … Read more
  • Edition 80 – The Design Issue
    We’re not generally big believers in graphic design trends. Design is more eclectic than ever and designers are drawing on more references, enabled by evolving tech and tools. Design principles endure, and great creativity finds a way … Read more
  • Edition 79 – What’s Trending?
    This week’s special edition of Our Take focuses on what’s been trending on social media. Can’t keep up with the trends? You’re not alone. More and more creators have highlighted how NOTHING is trending right now because … Read more
  • Edition 78 – Black History Month 2022
    In this week’s very special edition of Our Take, we are focusing on all things Black excellence in celebration of Black History Month. From Solange Knowles making history as the first NYCB Black female composer, to an … Read more
  • Edition 77
    In this week’s Our Take, will two broken legs and a few extra inches land you the dream job? Will restrictions on pre-drinks save Durham’s nightlife? We check out a new virtual persona bringing NBA to AI. … Read more
  • Edition 76
    This week, we find out what happens when art meets a campaign against censorship – expect some magic to happen! Monopoly has also been making headlines for their new campaign that celebrates the inevitable family feuds that … Read more
  • Edition 75
    In this week’s Our Take, we check out a dating app where female users can make a couple of quid for chatting – sorry lads no €€€ for you. We’re all familiar with the road safety ads … Read more
  • Edition 74
    This week, scientists move a step closer to mind control, as brain implants are tested. Digital billboards are getting a Google upgrade as the tech-giant dips its toes in out-of-home display marketing. Why not enjoy a match … Read more
  • Edition 73
    Oh hey September, how you doin? This week in Our Take we turn our eyes to a Gucci campaign that brings high-fashion to some Kubrick cult classics. Speaking of Gucci, the brand isn’t happy with a clever … Read more
  • Edition 72
    An interior design magazine covering up stolen artifacts in a billionaire’s property… is it a plot to a new Indiana Jones movie or a news story making headlines this week? We check out a new initiative in … Read more
  • Edition 71
    As summer is at its peak, we take a look at a frightening – and relevant – warning from the past. Virtual artists and VR short films are governing the worlds of music and fashion as Gucci … Read more
  • Edition 70
    Cool sh*t that we’ve been impressed by this week? Let’s go! In this edition of Our Take we admire Butcher Billy’s illustrated series of Stranger Things posters; investigate Balenciaga’s controversial new release, and a new ‘car stealing’ … Read more
  • Edition 69
    In this week’s Our Take, we look at a new book of photographs that celebrates the women who cracked the glass ceilings in. London Zoo present a harrowing reality on animal extinction in a bold installation and … Read more
  • Edition 68
    This week, we were stunned by a harrowing campaign that stopped passers-by in their tracks to raise awareness around the frightening reality of gun violence in the U.S., Apple calls on hackers for a seemingly impossible task … Read more
  • Edition 67
    In this week’s Our Take, we check out some incredible works from across the globe including a striking campaign in Honduras which addresses the ban on the morning after pill, a project bringing sneakers and pools together … Read more
  • Edition 66
    This week, we fawn over Paris Fashion Week and the innovative ways designers elevated their shows this season. We visit Wimbledon and one tennis player whose kicks are causing commotion. A holiday brand hits us with some … Read more
  • Edition 65
    This week, we check out some balls with upgrades courtesy of Adidas and the FIFA Men’s World Cup, a Birkenstock campaign that celebrates our ankles, heels, and toes while The Drum and Channel 4 release an important … Read more
  • Edition 64
    In this week’s OUR TAKE, Glastonbury bares all as part of a liberating photographic exhibition. Audible is erecting interactive billboards for commuters across the world and Florence + the Machine merges weaving with marketing via a series … Read more
  • Edition 63
    In this week’s Our Take, the Dublin Bus seat design is the latest fashion inspiration for Bohemians Football Club. Are we about to meet our new AI overlords? We don’t think so, but one analyst from Google … Read more
  • Pride Edition
    As Pride month moves into full swing, we celebrate the brands that are nailing it, such as Absolut’s new initiative that opens the conversation, Versace and Cher team up for a legendary moment and Aviva laces up … Read more
  • Edition 61
    This week, The King has left the Chapel as Las Vegas wedding services find an Elvis sized hole in their business. The folks at Sesame Street are doing their part to support families seeking refuge from Ukraine … Read more
  • Edition 60
    In this week’s Our Take we zoom in to a micro crab-bot that is making a difference, one teeny step at a time. In Britain, celebrations are in full swing for the Platinum Jubilee and there are … Read more
  • Edition 59
    This week we check out a tourism attraction that is truly out of this world, an engineering team who have solved the worldwide problem of burrito spillages and an umbrella that is all fashion and no function. … Read more
  • Edition 58
    In this week’s Our Take we’ve got a concept for a new smart city at the base of Mt. Fuji, a brazen hack of Apple stores, a famous actor who got stuck into Starbucks, a campaign for … Read more
  • Edition 57
    In this week’s Our Take we take a look at mad pregnancy cravings and how Burger King has set out to satisfy mums-to-be with THE burger, TikTok is turning Gen-Z into bibliophiles, Olaplex has created the first … Read more
  • Edition 56
    What’s making a splash in the brand world this week? There’s plenty to chew on, with a new breakfast combo that is sure to add a bit of zest to your morning. Krispy Kreme hope to combat … Read more
  • Edition 55
    Summer feels so close now we can practically taste it! There’s a lot of joy in this week’s edition – we’ve got retail experiences made special, boring chores made fun, and a beautiful publication celebrating football’s black … Read more
  • Edition 54 – the Earth Edit
    With our recent milestone celebrating one year of Our Take – we enter a new era absolutely buzzing! We’ve been planning away in our insights laboratory thinking of ways to expand the ways in which we share the … Read more
  • Edition 53
    In this week’s Our Take, TikTok takes center stage at the Grammys for a pop-culture musical moment. In Norway, McDonalds are setting a McMood with some aesthetic shots that are raising awareness around waste and littering.  In … Read more
  • Edition 52
    In this week’s Our Take we look at some ‘horrible’ robot AI. We visit the Faroe Islands, home to some of the most picturesque landscapes on the planet and… a giant tombstone dedicated to a legendary spy. … Read more
  • Edition 51
    In this week’s Our Take, we take a look at a global courier service putting emerging fashion labels on the map, some creative advertising that’s truly pants, and DuoLingo caught our attention by ensuring holiday regrets won’t … Read more
  • Edition 50
    As the world changes, so do our tastes, technologies and cravings for things new! This week, we found a new hot chocolate trend that may be jumping across the Irish sea soon, much to the joy of … Read more
  • Edition 49
    What a week for ducks. We don’t mind the cold, but the rain… ugh. Anyway, what were we saying? Ah yes, time to share some of our favourites bits and bobs of inspiration from the week that’s … Read more
  • Edition 48
    This week we’re (mostly) ignoring how utterly horrific things are and focussing on some of the wildest and most wonderful stories from marketing. There’s an app that recycles d*ck pics, and one that can’t tell the difference … Read more
  • Edition 47
    This week in Our Take, some best-in-class tech campaigns take centre stage as we look at an AR experience in Trafalgar Square, a collab that has revolutionised voice banking in support of those who suffer for MND. … Read more
  • Edition 46
    From Valentine’s Day to the Superbowl, this week was sure to throw up some marketing genius. But you’ve probably seen most of that already, so we’re bringing you some of the quirkier and more interesting highlights. We … Read more
  • Edition 45
    Got that Friday feeling?! This week, we found an unexpected new milk alternative that makes us wonder why we didn’t think of it; an industry legend joins a reputable ad agency – as an intern; a movie … Read more
  • Edition 44
    Spring has sprung – so why are we still fe*kin freezing? We’ve had our eyes on some exciting trends across the globe this week. Billie Eilish and Adobe have sparked some conversation around a new creative competition … Read more
  • Edition 43
    In this week’s edition of Our Take, we explore some new advancements in the tech & the entertainment industries; a dating app dishes the dirt on ghosting in a bid to put manners on its users while … Read more
  • Edition 42
    This week some smart adverts inspired by the past; a conceptual rapper sinks his teeth into home furnishings; tennis players battle it out to protect the coral reef; Brazil puts its money into becoming the crypto-capital of … Read more
  • Edition 41
    Breathe it in… 2022 is kicking off to a great start in the worlds of trends and fads. For the first Our Take of 2022 we hear about Workations as remote working goes international. CDs are back … Read more
  • Edition 40
    Colour and design are taking centre stage for this week’s Our Take. Have you ever seen a new shade of something – Pantone are making a big deal out of releasing a new swatch. The world of … Read more
  • Edition 39
    What’s the deal with debt in China? Don’t wonder for too long because a new app is airing the dirty laundry of the guy sitting beside you. Could you slay at coding? Doja Cat and the legends … Read more
  • Edition 38
    In a gloomy week that brought with it the shocking news of the passing of Virgil Abloh, and as many continue to pay tributes to a true icon of our time, we couldn’t but mention this sad … Read more
  • Edition 37
    Nostalgia meets modern in this week’s Our Take as we look at the gas revival of a Starburst advert for the Tik-Tok era. A new publication that is setting new standards for long-lead magazines has also caught … Read more
  • Edition 36
    This week, nightclubs are heating things up in the sustainability world and ancient Babylonian dialects have moved into pop-culture thanks to a professor in Trinity college. A genius ad from Tesco also does its part to ensure … Read more
  • Edition 35
    As a new generation join the ranks of key consumers, brands are keen to leap out of our screens and connect to us. This week, a food brand is boasting questionable copy on a label while a … Read more
  • Edition 34
    This week, we get meta-physical with some tech advancements that are bringing humans to the metaverse, we get progressive with a new identity that celebrates heritage for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, and across the Atlantic … Read more
  • Edition 33
    Day by day our world is evolving, and with it new ideas are conceived, and brands adapt. This week’s Our Take is looking at evolution in small or grander forms. Fashion futurists are turning their bedrooms into … Read more
  • Edition 32
    The digital age is bringing us many delights for this week’s Our Take. What does a European city and x-rated content have in common? In an age where self-identity and authenticity take the lead in personal values, … Read more
  • Edition 31
    Research is influencing the world for the better! This week, we are hot spotting the work of some beauty and toy brands who are making positive changes in the world – with research as the guiding force. … Read more
  • Edition 30
    What does a billboard and the number 30 have in common? Adele has the answer! Marketing in the music industry has had an absolute glow up over the past few months and the UK chanteuse is the … Read more
  • Edition 29
    So what’s the suss on sustainability? Well this week, we’ve got two very different innovations from two of the world’s best known brands.  Fancy a glow up for your microwave lunch? We have a video series suggestion … Read more
  • Edition 28
    As September rolls to a close, we’ve uncovered some forward thinkers who are paving the way for a better future – there’s an iconic ad campaign launching a hormone-free birth control product, new research into more environmentally … Read more
  • Edition 27
    As September takes hold and turns everything damp and grey, we’ll at least try to brighten up your Friday with a few hot takes. This week we take a look at how dating apps are changing, visit … Read more
  • Edition 26
    Hello, friends. Welcome to Edition 26 of Our Take; a place for us to discuss things that inspire us, captivate us, move us… and sometimes weird us out. This week, we bow down to the incredible Irish … Read more
  • Edition 25
    This week, we hear how China has clamped down on gaming for younglings, mourn the declining influence of a guitar God, discuss two very different influencer groups making an impact online, and ponder some marketing bloodshed.
  • Edition 24
    The sun has returned, and all is well in the Sweartaker world again. Even if this week is a short respite from the wind and the rain, we will absolutely take it. So, sit back in your … Read more
  • Edition 23
    Ah here… where has the summer gone? Like, is that it? Depressing as it may be, at least we’ve got another install of Our Take to take your mind off the dense humidity and murky mornings, even … Read more
  • Edition 22
    What a week. We all had something in our eye when Kellie Harrington stood on that podium last weekend to collect her gold medal. Incredible. To all the athletes who represented Ireland the at games, we’ve never … Read more
  • Edition 21
    This week, we point to an interesting new store experience from Amazon, look at how the Tokyo Olympics are Gold medallists in sustainability, and muse on how ‘caring’ could be a key factor in customer loyalty for … Read more
  • Edition 20
    In this week’s Our Take, we bring you stories of music’s hottest new marketing genius, a major games developer in some hot water and the latest emoji that is ‘fire’ with all the cool kids. We also … Read more
  • Edition 19
    In this week’s Our Take, we explore why AI might be more Wally than Wall-E, we take a snapshot of Instagram’s latest influencer investment, and we delve into a new campaign aimed at pandemic pooch adoptions. We … Read more
  • Edition 18
    In this week’s Our Take we look at how YouTube is taking on TikTok and ask are our days of being distracted by phones in meetings over? We also question if ‘New Rules’ are needed when it … Read more
  • Edition 17
    In this week’s Our Take, we move our football fever away from Euro 2020 and look at a small-town club reeling in the big hitters, we bring you a different type of gaming story, discuss how Kellogg’s … Read more
  • Edition 16
    In this week’s edition of Our Take we look at why rotten food looks so good, we pick out the gold at the end of the rainbow by taking a look at some of this year’s standout … Read more
  • Edition 15
    We have reached the midpoint of the year. How? We’re not too sure either so for this week’s edition of Our Take we bring you comfort in the form of stories about dogs and sunlight. We also … Read more
  • Edition 14
    This week, we’re headed on a whistle-stop global tour, as we look at a library on the edge of Europe, a bizarre campaign in North Korea, a Pulitzer Prize originated in Minneapolis, a blockbuster waiting to happen … Read more
  • Edition 13
    Leaving Cert weather has arrived, and summer is here. Hallelujah! This week on Our Take, we shine a light on the return to live events, we’re getting behind the Brits for the Euros (wait, what?), we fast-forward … Read more
  • Edition 12
    This week is partly rubbish! That is the theme of the week so before you switch off for the long weekend take five and check out Our Take on IKEA doing something small for the greater good, … Read more
  • Edition 11
    This week on Our Take we delve into how Lego are building more than just bricks, how gaming can be good for your health, get fashion tips from the leader of North Korea, yes you read that … Read more
  • Edition 10
    This week we bring a classic boardgame to real life, delve into what it takes to become a “Conscious Brand”, get excited for the Space Race 2.0 and ask if the powers that be are really bottling … Read more
  • Edition 09
    Well done! You have made it to Friday afternoon so before you switch from laptop to tv screen, time to unwind with this week’s Our Take. In this edition, we take a look at one brand’s idea … Read more
  • Edition 08
    This week we take a look at a courtroom drama taking the gaming world by storm, how a simple update to Netflix could change the way we watch content, a new tech development to put you on … Read more
  • Edition 07
    It’s the first bank holiday weekend of the summer so while we wait for the sun to reappear, why not take a look at the weeks interesting stories in Our Take, because everybody has an opinion on … Read more
  • Edition 06
    It’s Friday! Before you switch off for the weekend, finish the day strong with our unique take on some of the top stories from brandland. This week‘s Our Take involves big moves in fast fashion and sustainability, … Read more
  • Edition 05
    This week, we take an envious look at our noisy neighbours as they relocate from staying in their own gardens to a beer garden, a sweet idea, a simple way to deliver an important message and how … Read more
  • Edition 04
    We might still be in a chocolate-induced coma from Easter but while we’re flying high why not let us take you on trip down memory lane, sell you a dream of a tech free life and how … Read more
  • Edition 03
    This time last year, who would have thought that we would be facing into our second consecutive St. Patricks Day in a national lockdown? Whether you’re a fan of the festivities or not, it just doesn’t seem … Read more
  • Edition 02
    365 days of working from home, can you believe it? We try not to mention the C word around here, but it’s been some year. Take a break from the serious stuff for the next few minutes … Read more
  • Edition 01
    It’s the first week of February and we can now say that both January and 10% of the year has now passed. Dare I say it? Well, there is a noticeable stretch in the evenings but we’re … Read more


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