• Edition 153
    This week, we bring you a campaign about the big, swinging elephants in the boardroom, a creative campaign that pulls on the heart strings, how artificial intelligence aims to take the sting out of dating, and a … Read more
  • Edition 152
    In this week’s Our Take, we bring you the algorithm that’s driving record producers to take the Motown mantra – don’t bore us, get to the chorus – to ever-faster speeds, the French baker that banned butter, … Read more
  • Edition 151 The Gaming Edit
    In this week’s Our Take, a football player scores a very different role in a popular game, job search meets word search on LinkedIn, Irish gamers are becoming game developers, and an indie home-brew game outplays the … Read more
  • Edition 150
    In this week’s Our Take, TaskHer challenges misogyny in trade works, a children’s rights initiative that creates garments that shouldn’t exist. Boomers are blowing up the dating scene online, and EastEnders has brought their plot line to … Read more
  • Edition 149
    In this week’s sizzling summary of the week’s best culture and marketing stories, a bank in Pakistan exposes the small print in bridal contracts, an airline for pampered pups takes off, Italian crisps get damned for an … Read more
  • Edition 148
    This week, Burger King teaches us that passion never gets old, Mexican NIMBYs can’t Ban the Banda, a gruesome safety campaign of spare parts, and Electric Car sales seem to stall. Check it out below! Passionate Pensioners … Read more
  • Edition 147
    This week, Tinder swindles us for April Fool’s Day, A Gen Alpha report sheds some light on the emerging generation, a global superstar has all hands-on deck in a new advert and James Blake challenges the music … Read more
  • Edition 146 – The Retail Edit
    In this week’s Our Take, a Thai supermarket keeps food waste at bay. The world (and D15) explores new delivery options. We take a closer look at the French fast fashion counter-revolution and new research on ultra-processed … Read more
  • Edition 145
    This week in Our Take, Berlin is raving for a UNESCO nod, AI is taking on a battle it might not win, beer is brewing up a storm for equality, and how’s your personal brand going, Michelangelo? … Read more
  • Edition 144
    This week, a royal mystery – how can they be making such a mess of this? Whirlpool helps men clean up their dating game. Is age going the way of gender, with the lines blurring in a new … Read more
  • Edition 143
    In this week’s Our Take we check out a Lebanese food brand putting Mouneh on the table for women, Taxi company LYFT has made some vroom for safer driving, billboards in the UK are getting bolder for … Read more
  • Edition 142 – The Sport Edit
    In this special edition of Our Take, we are taking a look at the sporting fields, tracks and meeting rooms of some of the biggest associations around – from an international sporting event that encourages doping, to … Read more
  • Edition 141
    In this week’s Our Take, we profile Ireland’s takeover of fashion weeks across the world. The latest AI has the creative industry shook. Again. Dopamine hits are affecting our levels of distraction. And Gen Z is sent … Read more
  • Edition 140
    In this week’s Our Take we look at TikTok’s latest music turmoil. Lush leaves the water running too long on a stunt activation. Spongebob makes a splash at the Superbowl and we check out the worlds “coolest” … Read more
  • Edition 139
    In this week’s Our Take, Pizza Hut sends a clear message to your ex. Alexis Bittar is the luxury brand serving Oscar-worthy sketches. Modern Day Witch trails are addressed in a cyberbullying awareness campaign. And an Irish … Read more
  • Edition 138
    In this week’s Our Take, is working from home the new working from work? A Berlin alcohol brand wants you to drink beer. Naked. Shein has us a bit suss on sustainability, and Kit Kat is giving … Read more
  • Edition 137
    This week, mob wife fashion takes a hit. Everyone sees eye to eye on some great new wheelchair tech. Humans are saying ‘Challenge Accepted’ to AI. And new research reveals Ireland is a nation of avid Internet … Read more
  • Edition 136
    This week, we have the scoop on Petfluencers, from puppy eyes to feline fame! Swiss policies hope to draw a line under the war on drugs. Trump trolls Biden and possibly himself. And Loud Budgeting makes some … Read more
  • Edition 135
    This week, one young footballer makes history with a great esc-vape. Angelina Jolie makes a space for sustainability. Ozempic is changing portion sizes for diners, and AI has a new face – it is creepy AF! FOOTBALLER … Read more
  • Edition 134
    In this week’s Our Take: Are these Tik-Tok trends promoting gender stereotypes? A brand that cares how bad your hangover really is. Drug drones are in the air. And research reveals the key to success on social … Read more
  • Edition 133
    In this week’s Our Take, Apple is giving a voice to the lost voices with a stirring video to promote their new product, and we share some upcoming trends for 2024. Over in the UK, a new … Read more
  • Edition 132 – The Youth Edit
    In this special edition of Our Take, we are talking all things Youth, from how they’re hijacking existing online spaces to protest for causes they believe in, to building new avenues to showcase their creativity. We take … Read more
  • Edition 131
    In this week’s Our Take, we check out a super Stanley cup that can take the heat and a campaign that has Snoop Dog speechless smokeless. In other news, Safer Gambling Week has all the right cards … Read more
  • Edition 130
    This week, a beauty brand is inviting gamers to become entrepreneurs, a new Dublin initiative is protesting against street harassment and CHAT GPT is bringing some custom features to users. And, in a world of fast fashion … Read more
  • Edition 129
    This week, new audio research reveals Ireland is going GA GA for Radio; a lip balm brand is asking customers to relive their first kiss; a Japanese car maker crocs up with modular mobility, and lucid dreaming … Read more
  • Edition 128 The Inclusivity Edit
    More than ever, brands are acknowledging the importance of visibility, representation and inclusivity. With this special edition, we wanted to celebrate those who are doing it right, creating impactful campaigns and actively changing the lives of marginalised … Read more
  • Edition 127
    This week, we take a look at how marmite is making moves on Gen Z, AI is getting a sugar hit with new tech that can test for diabetes and a campaign in the UK is smashing … Read more
  • Edition 126
    This week, New Zealand activists are guilt thanking the Prime Minister to make an important change, Dr. Marten’s latest campaign is showing the brands true sole and Parisian running shoe fanatics are trying to rob a store … Read more
  • Edition 125
    As spooky season officially descends upon us, one social media giant is taking creativity to new realms. A Dundalk pub and a global sports brand come together for a s**t-hot collab, Iceland look to a polite bouncer … Read more
  • Edition 124
    From big oil companies tapping into influencer marketing to young people suing their governments over the climate crisis, we take a look at some of the sustainable stories flooding our feeds. The Rise of Oil-fluencers Oil and … Read more
  • Edition 123
    In this week’s Our Take, will Spotify’s latest feature render podcasters lost in transl-ai-tion. Surrealist marketing is the new trend receiving the viral treatment on social media but is the AR/CGI stunt already entering its cringe era? … Read more
  • Edition 122
    In this week’s Our Take, football legends swap identities to shed light on gender bias in sports, Tiger Beer has fashioned the next summer essential attire and we check out a modern-day night at the Oper-AI. Great … Read more
  • Edition 121
    In this week’s Our Take, an Argentinian football club makes a swell point, Pinterest are refreshing the default, Roblox (shockingly) has shocked us, and we look at some v nice design work from ESPN. A swell way … Read more
  • Edition 120
    In this week’s Our Take, we check out a satellite that is bringing us bad news now so we can have a better future. The New York Times knows what you’re like on a Zoom call. Cost … Read more
  • Edition 119
    In this week’s Our Take, AI and gaming are helping improve speech and movement methods, a Gymshark collaboration celebrates diversity, a women’s body product brand has created a thought provoking board game and a skydiving orchestra does … Read more
  • Edition 118
    In this week’s Our Take, we take a look at how AI is giving gaydar the tech treatment and how the number of AI generated images in the world is hastily surpassing the number of photographs produced…since … Read more
  • Edition 117
    This week, music and science collide for a breakthrough around brain activity and music. Tinder paints the full picture for dating bios with the help of some familiar faces and one brand’s marketing ploy has the neighbours … Read more
  • Edition 116
    This week, are creative directors for football clubs the new dream job for fashion forward footie fans? One Premier League team thinks so. Speaking of style, we are all aboard for Trainleisure, and a new campaign that … Read more
  • Edition 115
    This week, we enter our global boiling era… and it is not a hot trend we are on board with. Football has a new POV for fans to enjoy and the French are starting a revolution against … Read more
  • Edition 114
    This week, we look at a campaign in the UK that is calling out misogyny amongst mates. Paying by palm is the new thing in America and McDonald’s is savouring the moment on screen with a new … Read more
  • Edition 113
    In this week’s Our Take, Nestlé offers a welcome relief to arthritis sufferers who are upholding a rich culinary tradition. In Killarney, communities are committing to a coffee cup cleanse in the name of waste reduction. On … Read more
  • Edition 112
    In this week’s Our Take — GenZ are crushing the fashion industry cis-tem. Coldplay move from Yellow to Green. The Lazy Girl Era is here. And finally – finally! – flying cars have landed. Maybe. Sort of. … Read more
  • Edition 111
    In this week’s Our Take we go mad for Mattel marketing tactics; we check out a new competitor to Twitter that is turning our heads; Stella Artois is going back in time to find the OG influencer; … Read more
  • Edition 110
    In this week’s Our Take, we check out a film that gives its target audience a choice. And a dilemma. A new typeface is making waves in accessibility and Greenhushing shows that silence isn’t so golden. Finally – … Read more
  • Edition 109
    (Dramatic Voiceover:)In this week’s Our Take, we look at delinquent killer whales. Are they just misunderstood? In a world of AI-generated art, is reality still stranger than fiction? We investigate. And AR meets jewellery! It’s a shame … Read more
  • Edition 108
    From isolation to aspiration. In this week’s Our Take, we do a deep dive into Gen Z as new research reveals them to be power-hungry party people, which seems at odds with the latest Gen Z trend … Read more
  • Edition 107
    In this week’s Our Take it’s raining fish in Honduras and a campaign is turning this divine sign into a community development initiative. On World Environment Day, one dirty brand is asking us to break up with … Read more
  • Edition 106
    In this week’s Our Take, we check out some new initiatives that are creating opportunities for marginalised communities through art and entrepreneurship! We all have a love hate relationship with Microsoft Excel but one business has went … Read more
  • Edition 105
    In this week’s Our Take we check out some road awareness campaigns focusing on texting while driving and helmet safety awareness. Zelda is the latest character in the gaming industry to put a kink in players’ armour. … Read more
  • Edition 104
    This week, tattoos and a baroque master join forces for a collab of the ages, we check out a Japanese pop-up to remember – or not. The All in Census has revealed some interesting stats on the … Read more
  • Edition 103
    This week, Glamour Magazine does not put baby, or paid leave bills, in the corner. Clarks goes to infinity and Wallabeeyond in a new campaign in the metaverse. A click it like you mean it website shows … Read more
  • Edition 102
    In this week’s Our Take, Pornhub boycotts Utah, a win for a losing trans team, ASICS schools AI on body image, and the godfather of AI fears for a future run by badly-thought-through thinking machines. No porn … Read more
  • Edition 101
    Is TikTok the new platform for house hunting? We check out the new roommate-finding trend hitting the platform! In the world of art, we take a look at some ways AI is changing the landscape with a … Read more
  • Edition 100
    In this our 100th edition of Our Take, we take a look at a new social experiment that is bringing dating back into real life; a witless whistleblower leaks government documents on a Minecraft server; Kit Kat … Read more
  • Edition 99
    In this week’s Our Take, we look at how Vogue celebrates aging gracefully. Heinz designs a new label to identify its ketchup against competitors’ and we shine a spotlight on a purpose-driven kickstarter campaign for children, by … Read more
  • Edition 98
    Should timeless designs be tainted with new glow-ups? New York thinks so following the unveiling of the City’s new brand ID. The Swiss are at it again with some brilliantly bold and functional ideas for energy conservation … Read more
  • Edition 97
    This week, we take a look at Gen Z’s opinion on fashion dupes in the midst of the cost-of-living crisis. Heinz targets gamers (literally?) with an awareness campaign around soil degradation. Is TikTok becoming the next search … Read more
  • Edition 96
    If no one trusts influencers, then who are they influencing? How is a 21-year-old animated kids’ movie inspiring the latest club trend? What are fashionistas doing to keep up with the times (of day). And what’s the … Read more
  • Edition 95
    A social site that brings you positive vibes. A green campaign built on lies. Science Fiction writers encounter the future – and don’t like it. And a football campaign so exciting you can fall asleep to it. … Read more
  • Edition 94
    In this week’s Our Take, a motorcycle brand is merging style with safety, we check out Keith Lee’s guide on what not to do when dealing with influencers, and a poignant campaign to raise awareness and funds … Read more
  • Edition 93
    This week, we are thrilled for a thriller getting the viral treatment and we check out the reappearance (and new appearance) of botox Barney. From a big purple reboot to a big red boot, we take a … Read more
  • Edition 92
    This week, we check out some devilish Valentine’s Day stunts, take a deep dive into Gorpcore aesthetics and a new movement in ORT. Finally, we bring you a campaign that puts an inclusive twist on some iconic … Read more
  • Edition 91
    This week, we bring your valuable attention to a new flavour of job perk, a brand hoaxed by fake PR, a brand that faked its own campaign’s demise, and a visionary bit of tech that makes ancient … Read more
  • Edition 90
    In this week’s Our Take, an ultra-luxury resort makes a music video, we check out a beauty campaign with a difference, AVATAR motion suits lead the way in new medical advancements, a short film shares an insight … Read more
  • Edition 89
    Fast food, slow shopping, and two different kinds of cheating make millions. Read it all below in this week’s Our Take CHATS AT THE CHECKOUT Jumbo, a Dutch Supermarket chain, realised there are a lot of potentially … Read more
  • Edition 88
    In this week’s Our Take, mind control moves from sci-fi to IRL with promising new tech for tetraplegics. AI is set to banish those nightmare life admin calls with new audio deepfakes. Bike brand Van Moof uses … Read more
  • Edition 87
    Merry New Year trendlovers, and welcome to your first fix of Our Take 2023. There’s no room for resolutions or round-ups here, we’re diving straight in with one intention and one intention only; to deliver you the … Read more
  • Edition 86 – The Humanity Issue
    This week, we explore some campaigns and initiatives that are combatting issues affecting communities across the world. We look at a report on LGBTQIA+ representation in the US and explore how an art piece can raise awareness … Read more
  • Edition 85 – The Food Issue
    Foodie fever! In this week’s special, Our Take: The Food Edit, we do a deep dive into the delicious and delectable. From mood foods and cannabis cooking, to scent-flavoured hydration systems endorsed by Kim Kardashian, we explore … Read more
  • Edition 84 – The Design + Fashion Issue
    This week, we look at the design and fashion world and give our take on the latest happenings and trends. We delve into why a graffiti artist encouraged his followers to shoplift (and why we get it … Read more
  • Edition 83 – The Music Issue
    In this week’s Our Take, we turn our focus to music and look at some interesting stories involving the second coming of a pop star and a legend stepping into the virtual world. We also explore how … Read more
  • Edition 82 – The Sports Issue
    Our Sports issue is dominated by the World Cup in the same way that men’s rowing is dominated by Paul O’Donovan – no one else is getting a look-in. It’s the World Cup, and it’s got everything … Read more
  • Edition 81 – The Tech Issue
    This week, welcome to the future! Or something like it. We’re looking at the current trends in tech, and how they’re influencing marketing, design, work and, of course, play. AR you ready? Augmented Reality has been in … Read more
  • Edition 80 – The Design Issue
    We’re not generally big believers in graphic design trends. Design is more eclectic than ever and designers are drawing on more references, enabled by evolving tech and tools. Design principles endure, and great creativity finds a way … Read more
  • Edition 79 – What’s Trending?
    This week’s special edition of Our Take focuses on what’s been trending on social media. Can’t keep up with the trends? You’re not alone. More and more creators have highlighted how NOTHING is trending right now because … Read more
  • Edition 78 – Black History Month 2022
    In this week’s very special edition of Our Take, we are focusing on all things Black excellence in celebration of Black History Month. From Solange Knowles making history as the first NYCB Black female composer, to an … Read more
  • Edition 77
    In this week’s Our Take, will two broken legs and a few extra inches land you the dream job? Will restrictions on pre-drinks save Durham’s nightlife? We check out a new virtual persona bringing NBA to AI. … Read more
  • Edition 76
    This week, we find out what happens when art meets a campaign against censorship – expect some magic to happen! Monopoly has also been making headlines for their new campaign that celebrates the inevitable family feuds that … Read more
  • Edition 75
    In this week’s Our Take, we check out a dating app where female users can make a couple of quid for chatting – sorry lads no €€€ for you. We’re all familiar with the road safety ads … Read more
  • Edition 74
    This week, scientists move a step closer to mind control, as brain implants are tested. Digital billboards are getting a Google upgrade as the tech-giant dips its toes in out-of-home display marketing. Why not enjoy a match … Read more
  • Edition 73
    Oh hey September, how you doin? This week in Our Take we turn our eyes to a Gucci campaign that brings high-fashion to some Kubrick cult classics. Speaking of Gucci, the brand isn’t happy with a clever … Read more
  • Edition 72
    An interior design magazine covering up stolen artifacts in a billionaire’s property… is it a plot to a new Indiana Jones movie or a news story making headlines this week? We check out a new initiative in … Read more
  • Edition 71
    As summer is at its peak, we take a look at a frightening – and relevant – warning from the past. Virtual artists and VR short films are governing the worlds of music and fashion as Gucci … Read more
  • Edition 70
    Cool sh*t that we’ve been impressed by this week? Let’s go! In this edition of Our Take we admire Butcher Billy’s illustrated series of Stranger Things posters; investigate Balenciaga’s controversial new release, and a new ‘car stealing’ … Read more
  • Edition 69
    In this week’s Our Take, we look at a new book of photographs that celebrates the women who cracked the glass ceilings in. London Zoo present a harrowing reality on animal extinction in a bold installation and … Read more
  • Edition 68
    This week, we were stunned by a harrowing campaign that stopped passers-by in their tracks to raise awareness around the frightening reality of gun violence in the U.S., Apple calls on hackers for a seemingly impossible task … Read more
  • Edition 67
    In this week’s Our Take, we check out some incredible works from across the globe including a striking campaign in Honduras which addresses the ban on the morning after pill, a project bringing sneakers and pools together … Read more
  • Edition 66
    This week, we fawn over Paris Fashion Week and the innovative ways designers elevated their shows this season. We visit Wimbledon and one tennis player whose kicks are causing commotion. A holiday brand hits us with some … Read more
  • Edition 65
    This week, we check out some balls with upgrades courtesy of Adidas and the FIFA Men’s World Cup, a Birkenstock campaign that celebrates our ankles, heels, and toes while The Drum and Channel 4 release an important … Read more
  • Edition 64
    In this week’s OUR TAKE, Glastonbury bares all as part of a liberating photographic exhibition. Audible is erecting interactive billboards for commuters across the world and Florence + the Machine merges weaving with marketing via a series … Read more
  • Edition 63
    In this week’s Our Take, the Dublin Bus seat design is the latest fashion inspiration for Bohemians Football Club. Are we about to meet our new AI overlords? We don’t think so, but one analyst from Google … Read more
  • Pride Edition
    As Pride month moves into full swing, we celebrate the brands that are nailing it, such as Absolut’s new initiative that opens the conversation, Versace and Cher team up for a legendary moment and Aviva laces up … Read more
  • Edition 61
    This week, The King has left the Chapel as Las Vegas wedding services find an Elvis sized hole in their business. The folks at Sesame Street are doing their part to support families seeking refuge from Ukraine … Read more
  • Edition 60
    In this week’s Our Take we zoom in to a micro crab-bot that is making a difference, one teeny step at a time. In Britain, celebrations are in full swing for the Platinum Jubilee and there are … Read more
  • Edition 59
    This week we check out a tourism attraction that is truly out of this world, an engineering team who have solved the worldwide problem of burrito spillages and an umbrella that is all fashion and no function. … Read more
  • Edition 58
    In this week’s Our Take we’ve got a concept for a new smart city at the base of Mt. Fuji, a brazen hack of Apple stores, a famous actor who got stuck into Starbucks, a campaign for … Read more
  • Edition 57
    In this week’s Our Take we take a look at mad pregnancy cravings and how Burger King has set out to satisfy mums-to-be with THE burger, TikTok is turning Gen-Z into bibliophiles, Olaplex has created the first … Read more
  • Edition 56
    What’s making a splash in the brand world this week? There’s plenty to chew on, with a new breakfast combo that is sure to add a bit of zest to your morning. Krispy Kreme hope to combat … Read more
  • Edition 55
    Summer feels so close now we can practically taste it! There’s a lot of joy in this week’s edition – we’ve got retail experiences made special, boring chores made fun, and a beautiful publication celebrating football’s black … Read more
  • Edition 54 – the Earth Edit
    With our recent milestone celebrating one year of Our Take – we enter a new era absolutely buzzing! We’ve been planning away in our insights laboratory thinking of ways to expand the ways in which we share the … Read more


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