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In this week’s Our Take, the gender pension gap grows, a legendary Belgian character kicks off a new adventure, Musk’s X tackles explicit content on the platform by explicitly allowing it, and all aboard for a Glastonbury rave.

From Pay Gap to Pension Gap

According to a recent survey by Irish Life, women will have to work an estimated eight years longer than men to close the gender pension-gap.

It’s no secret that women earn less on average than men, but what’s even more worrying is the pension-gap beginning to form.

Despite the fact men and women typically start saving around the same time, the report showed that in 2018 and 2019 women drew down an average pension pot of €69,000, while men scooped up an eye-watering €125,000.

In addition to this disparity, when you take the life expectancy of men vs women into account, it paints an even gloomier picture. Women on average live five years longer than men, meaning these substantially smaller sums need to be sustained over a longer period.

So just when you think retirement is nearing, says a 29-year-old marketing professional, think again ladies.

The Football Adventures of TinTin

Image: Royal Belgian FA / Adidas

The Euros are kicking off, and fans are excited to see possibly the most famous Belgian of all time grace the competition with his cherubic, youthful looks, red hair, playful intelligence, and raw courage. And this year Kevin de Bruyne will play in a kit inspired by the iconic outfit worn by the other famous Belgian – TinTin (yes, we’ve heard of other Belgians, like Rene Magritte. And Jean Claude Van Damme. We’re cultured).

We’re also fully on board with David Baddiel’s suggestion for the manager.

The country’s so-called Golden Generation may be past its peak, but Blistering Barnacles, the Belgians have already won. Us over.

X Goes XXX with new NSFW policy

If you’re thick-skinned or right-wing enough to still be using the platform formerly known as Twitter, you’ve probably witnessed the out-of-control spread of adult content that creeps, unsolicited, into nearly every popular thread.

Well, true to toxic form, the world’s richest Free* Speech* activist is promising to get the explicit content under control by explicitly allowing it. The platform added some new rules to its adult content policy which allow for more things to be taken off – namely clothes – as the NSFW rules allow consensual adult content including full kit out and scenes depicting sexy time.  

The policy does state that under 18 users, or those without a DOB on the account, can’t view media which has been flagged with a content warning but it’s not clear if material that hasn’t been marked with this warning is against X’s official rules.

Thanks Elon, but frankly, there’s already enough tits using X.

Image: Uber

Uber has partnered with drum & bass artist, Nia Archives, to share a journey to Glastonbury with fans and festival goers. The unlikely combo take over The Great Western Train, hosting a 100mph rave in advance of Glastonbury festivities.

Festival-goers can apply for the rave via splityouruberridewithnia.com. Those who get their hands on a ticket will travel in luxury to Glastonbury with snacks for Uber Eats and bangers to rev them up just in time for the festival buzz.

Now that we are in full swing of festival season, brands are eager to share the stage with artists in fields across the world. Uber have nailed it as far as we are concerned. A smart collab aligned with their primary offerings and drum & bass… what’s not to love?

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