Edition 57

In this week’s Our Take we take a look at mad pregnancy cravings and how Burger King has set out to satisfy mums-to-be with THE burger, TikTok is turning Gen-Z into bibliophiles, Olaplex has created the first ever corporate Frankenstein, and South Koreans age backwards. Really. TIKTOK BOOKS A TREND A new viral trend is … Read more

Edition 56

What’s making a splash in the brand world this week? There’s plenty to chew on, with a new breakfast combo that is sure to add a bit of zest to your morning. Krispy Kreme hope to combat Irish inflation prices with a secret code. And Coca Cola steps into the high-street with a new store … Read more

Edition 55

Summer feels so close now we can practically taste it! There’s a lot of joy in this week’s edition – we’ve got retail experiences made special, boring chores made fun, and a beautiful publication celebrating football’s black community. We also look at an important step in the right marketing direction from Unilever, and a packaging … Read more

Edition 54 – the Earth Edit

With our recent milestone celebrating one year of Our Take – we enter a new era absolutely buzzing! We’ve been planning away in our insights laboratory thinking of ways to expand the ways in which we share the world’s deadliest trends… and we’ve landed here, introducing… Our Take: The Earth Edit. The Earth Edit is the … Read more

Edition 53

In this week’s Our Take, TikTok takes center stage at the Grammys for a pop-culture musical moment. In Norway, McDonalds are setting a McMood with some aesthetic shots that are raising awareness around waste and littering.  In the world of design, we take a look at 36 Days of Type, an initiative that sparks the … Read more

Edition 51

In this week’s Our Take, we take a look at a global courier service putting emerging fashion labels on the map, some creative advertising that’s truly pants, and DuoLingo caught our attention by ensuring holiday regrets won’t leave a permanent mark. DHL X Veldskoen We’ll be honest, we had no idea that international logistics provider, … Read more

Edition 50

As the world changes, so do our tastes, technologies and cravings for things new! This week, we found a new hot chocolate trend that may be jumping across the Irish sea soon, much to the joy of our chocolate-crazed team. In the world of tech – Tinder has added a new feature to its platform … Read more

Edition 49

What a week for ducks. We don’t mind the cold, but the rain… ugh. Anyway, what were we saying? Ah yes, time to share some of our favourites bits and bobs of inspiration from the week that’s in it. This week we rejoice in the opening of the first ever Vagina Museum in London, we … Read more

Edition 48

This week we’re (mostly) ignoring how utterly horrific things are and focussing on some of the wildest and most wonderful stories from marketing. There’s an app that recycles d*ck pics, and one that can’t tell the difference between toxic and tame; there’s a brand that’s trying to give us brainwaves, and a killer fashion collaboration … Read more

Edition 47

This week in Our Take, some best-in-class tech campaigns take centre stage as we look at an AR experience in Trafalgar Square, a collab that has revolutionised voice banking in support of those who suffer for MND. There’s an artist who captured our attention for their modern day paintings of famous historical figures – you … Read more