Edition 141

In this week’s Our Take, we profile Ireland’s takeover of fashion weeks across the world. The latest AI has the creative industry shook. Again. Dopamine hits are affecting our levels of distraction. And Gen Z is sent back to nature. The Devil Wears Aran The age of Éire is here in fashion with Irish designers … Read more

Edition 140

In this week’s Our Take we look at TikTok’s latest music turmoil. Lush leaves the water running too long on a stunt activation. Spongebob makes a splash at the Superbowl and we check out the worlds “coolest” dictator. Universal silence leaves space for new sounds Universal Music is leaving a music shaped hole in Tik … Read more

Edition 139

In this week’s Our Take, Pizza Hut sends a clear message to your ex. Alexis Bittar is the luxury brand serving Oscar-worthy sketches. Modern Day Witch trails are addressed in a cyberbullying awareness campaign. And an Irish art festival hopes to disrupt the status quo. Disrupting the artist quo Ireland’s new annual disability arts festival, … Read more

Edition 138

In this week’s Our Take, is working from home the new working from work? A Berlin alcohol brand wants you to drink beer. Naked. Shein has us a bit suss on sustainability, and Kit Kat is giving AI a break. WORKING FROM… WORK? Ryanair has purchased 25 out of 28 new homes in a North … Read more

Edition 137

This week, mob wife fashion takes a hit. Everyone sees eye to eye on some great new wheelchair tech. Humans are saying ‘Challenge Accepted’ to AI. And new research reveals Ireland is a nation of avid Internet users. Mob Wife Fashion takes a hit Every week, it seems the TikTok-style community announces a new trend. … Read more

Edition 136

This week, we have the scoop on Petfluencers, from puppy eyes to feline fame! Swiss policies hope to draw a line under the war on drugs. Trump trolls Biden and possibly himself. And Loud Budgeting makes some noise on financial empowerment. Bow Wow MEOW Kitty Claw Kitty Pay Taylor Swift’s feline sidekick, Olivia Benson, is … Read more

Edition 135

This week, one young footballer makes history with a great esc-vape. Angelina Jolie makes a space for sustainability. Ozempic is changing portion sizes for diners, and AI has a new face – it is creepy AF! FOOTBALLER MAKES THE GREAT ESC-VAPE Last weekend, a young Irish footballer made history. 15-year-old Rory Finneran came off the … Read more

Edition 134

In this week’s Our Take: Are these Tik-Tok trends promoting gender stereotypes? A brand that cares how bad your hangover really is. Drug drones are in the air. And research reveals the key to success on social media. Stirring up stereotypes A recent article from the BBC explored Tik Tok trends that are, in the … Read more

Edition 133

In this week’s Our Take, Apple is giving a voice to the lost voices with a stirring video to promote their new product, and we share some upcoming trends for 2024. Over in the UK, a new lifestyle directory is making luxury services more accessible and when it comes to extreme collabs, Prada and Red … Read more

Edition 132 – The Youth Edit

In this special edition of Our Take, we are talking all things Youth, from how they’re hijacking existing online spaces to protest for causes they believe in, to building new avenues to showcase their creativity. We take a look at a Heineken campaign that really connects with Gen Z, and we do a deep dive … Read more

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