Edition 122

In this week’s Our Take, football legends swap identities to shed light on gender bias in sports, Tiger Beer has fashioned the next summer essential attire and we check out a modern-day night at the Oper-AI. Great Scott, plenty of work to be done Former England internationals Gary Neville and Jill Scott teamed up to … Read more

Edition 121

In this week’s Our Take, an Argentinian football club makes a swell point, Pinterest are refreshing the default, Roblox (shockingly) has shocked us, and we look at some v nice design work from ESPN. A swell way to make a point Racing Club, a football team in Argentina’s Primera Division, made headlines for all the … Read more

Edition 120

In this week’s Our Take, we check out a satellite that is bringing us bad news now so we can have a better future. The New York Times knows what you’re like on a Zoom call. Cost of living and sustainability collide as some generations struggle with the cost of green living,  and Getty hopes … Read more

Edition 119

In this week’s Our Take, AI and gaming are helping improve speech and movement methods, a Gymshark collaboration celebrates diversity, a women’s body product brand has created a thought provoking board game and a skydiving orchestra does the impossible. Check it out below! Deepfake tech – Real feels With the help of video games like The … Read more

Edition 118

In this week’s Our Take, we take a look at how AI is giving gaydar the tech treatment and how the number of AI generated images in the world is hastily surpassing the number of photographs produced…since the dawn of time. The Chess federation wants to ban trans women from competing and since the introduction … Read more

Edition 117

This week, music and science collide for a breakthrough around brain activity and music. Tinder paints the full picture for dating bios with the help of some familiar faces and one brand’s marketing ploy has the neighbours shook to the core with a brazen email. Lego is also back in our feeds this week, this … Read more

Edition 116

This week, are creative directors for football clubs the new dream job for fashion forward footie fans? One Premier League team thinks so. Speaking of style, we are all aboard for Trainleisure, and a new campaign that is putting the runway on the rails. From runways to riots, we check out one Twitch influencer who … Read more

Edition 115

This week, we enter our global boiling era… and it is not a hot trend we are on board with. Football has a new POV for fans to enjoy and the French are starting a revolution against fashion waste. And a new healthcare campaign is monitoring mothers and raising awareness on inequality in the healthcare … Read more

Edition 114

This week, we look at a campaign in the UK that is calling out misogyny amongst mates. Paying by palm is the new thing in America and McDonald’s is savouring the moment on screen with a new order function that will have you craving some munch! And, in a world where over-sharing has some dangerous … Read more

Edition 113

In this week’s Our Take, Nestlé offers a welcome relief to arthritis sufferers who are upholding a rich culinary tradition. In Killarney, communities are committing to a coffee cup cleanse in the name of waste reduction. On the topic of climate, what is the weight of an email in the battle for a greener future? … Read more

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