Edition 31

Research is influencing the world for the better! This week, we are hot spotting the work of some beauty and toy brands who are making positive changes in the world – with research as the guiding force. Up to date on creative activism? We are sharing some campaign work of a protest group that merges … Read more

Edition 30

What does a billboard and the number 30 have in common? Adele has the answer! Marketing in the music industry has had an absolute glow up over the past few months and the UK chanteuse is the latest pop-star to pull off a brilliant stunt. Are first dates the new interview format that the world needs … Read more

Edition 29

So what’s the suss on sustainability? Well this week, we’ve got two very different innovations from two of the world’s best known brands.  Fancy a glow up for your microwave lunch? We have a video series suggestion that will blow your mind. And we heard about a new celebration that could go off with a … Read more

Edition 28

As September rolls to a close, we’ve uncovered some forward thinkers who are paving the way for a better future – there’s an iconic ad campaign launching a hormone-free birth control product, new research into more environmentally friendly cows**t, how some hackers are getting rich ethically, and the new stars of marketing.  Enjoy.   “House … Read more

Edition 27

As September takes hold and turns everything damp and grey, we’ll at least try to brighten up your Friday with a few hot takes. This week we take a look at how dating apps are changing, visit a virtual art studio, watch aghast at a clumsy attempt to combine activism and reality TV and hear … Read more

Edition 26

Hello, friends. Welcome to Edition 26 of Our Take; a place for us to discuss things that inspire us, captivate us, move us… and sometimes weird us out. This week, we bow down to the incredible Irish sportswomen blazing the hottest trail, celebrate a queer library, are inspired by a clever and powerful domestic abuse … Read more

Edition 25

This week, we hear how China has clamped down on gaming for younglings, mourn the declining influence of a guitar God, discuss two very different influencer groups making an impact online, and ponder some marketing bloodshed.

Edition 24

The sun has returned, and all is well in the Sweartaker world again. Even if this week is a short respite from the wind and the rain, we will absolutely take it. So, sit back in your deck chair, pour that chilled summer glass of rosé, and enjoy this week’s musing as we discuss; the return … Read more

Edition 23

Ah here… where has the summer gone? Like, is that it? Depressing as it may be, at least we’ve got another install of Our Take to take your mind off the dense humidity and murky mornings, even if it’s just for a few minutes. This week we tip our baseball caps to a nostalgic stunt, … Read more

Edition 22

What a week. We all had something in our eye when Kellie Harrington stood on that podium last weekend to collect her gold medal. Incredible. To all the athletes who represented Ireland the at games, we’ve never been so proud. Thank you. This week, we question whether a real life Jurassic Park is a good … Read more