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This week, are creative directors for football clubs the new dream job for fashion forward footie fans? One Premier League team thinks so. Speaking of style, we are all aboard for Trainleisure, and a new campaign that is putting the runway on the rails. From runways to riots, we check out one Twitch influencer who turned a giveaway opp into an all-out mob moment in NYC. Finally we look at why in Bologna, they are raising the bar (and their hands) to sign language!

Giveaway Alert! But seriously, be alert…

If you still doubt the power Twitch streamers have in society, look no further to last week’s controversial event in New York City. Kai Cenat, the most-subscribed Twitch streamer at present, announced a giveaway of game consoles, and other paraphernalia, in Union Square, New York City.

With more than 6 million followers on Twitch, Kai’s team expected a crowd, but 300 kids turned into a mob of thousands in short order. The event saw multiple arrests made, along with damage both to public and private property. And not a city permit to be seen!

Final prizes:
– 65 arrests (including 30 minors)
– 2 charges from the NYPD to the streamer
– 0 game consoles given

A lesson in the power of Twitch and s**t planning.


Premier League football club Crystal Palace just announced that they’re the first team in the league to hire a creative director. The new role will be overseeing fashion partnerships and apparel collections, with their first project to launch a new collection for the 2023-24 season… which starts this week. Kenny Annan-Jonathan is the man tasked with the opportunity and comes with an impressive background having brokered commercial deals for footballers such as ex-Palace winger Wilfred Zaha and West Ham’s Michail Antonio.

We’ve seen the fashion-focus on football merch grow as clubs look to increase their fan base and expand beyond traditional sports team jersey and matchday-wear. Third kits have become the entry level for clubs as every season they launch a kit they’ll rarely wear on the field, but is a more acceptable coat of allegiance to wear outside of game day. It follows similar moves by other teams such as Red Star, a club in Paris whose fan base is now reaching a global audience thanks to innovative collaborations led by former Manchester United footballer David Bellion.

Aligning with ongoing pop-culture trends is a smart move and we can’t wait to see what follows!

Signing In, Sipping Out

Bologna, Italy – a city known for its culinary prowess and vibrant culture, has a properly unique gem. Say hello to Senza Nome, the “Nameless” bar that’s not just raising the bar, but also their hands in learning some sign language.

Senza Nome wears its deaf-owned and deaf-employee badge with pride – it’s the only bar like it in the whole country – but what truly sets them apart is that if you want to order a drink, you’ll need to take a detour through their mini sign language crash course first. Want to order that tantalizing cocktail? Flip through their video clips or flashcards and learn how to sign it. It’s like charades, but with booze.

Senza Nome is more than just a bar; nestled in the heart of Bologna, this exceptional establishment stands as a testament to the power of inclusivity and innovation – leaving you raising your glass and your hands.

All aboard for Traincore

Fashion trends like ‘norm core’ and ‘quiet luxury’ are already part of our vocab thanks to TikTok, but ticket service company Trainline wants to add ‘Trainleisure’ to the mix, and has launched a new campaign that hopes to turn every platform into a runway. As part of the launch, iconic brand ambassador and style guru, Tan France has curated the perfect Trainleisure wardrobe for a summer of travel and style.

Targeting tourists from abroad, the campaign was launched following research from Trainline, revealing that approximately 29% of Americans were contemplating a European vacation within the year and a significant 55% of the respondent’s expressed apprehension about navigating UK’s roads, specifically regarding driving on the ‘other’ side of the road.

Trainleisure: A Style Guide to Europe hopes to highlight the joy and leisure of travelling via train across Europe and is a genius campaign in our books – blending travel and style together to create a new runway moment!

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