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This week, a beauty brand is inviting gamers to become entrepreneurs, a new Dublin initiative is protesting against street harassment and CHAT GPT is bringing some custom features to users. And, in a world of fast fashion and mega consumerism, one content creator is promoting products at hyper speed and reaping the benefits.

Build your entrepreneurial empire on Roblox?

Roblox is back again bringing new experiences to their players. This time, they are offering young players and future CEOs the chance to learn some entrepreneurial skills by creating their own dream start-ups.

Named E.L.F. UP! , the campaign was created following research that states 63% of Gen Z identify or intend to become entrepreneurs. So why not skill up early?

This new addition to Roblox shows how their platform is more than just an online game centre for kids – it’s a world of creativity. Grab the blocks and build an EMPIRE!

Groping Isn’t Good Luck

Leave Molly Malone.

Taking inspo from @catcallsofnyc, a Dublin-based group of activists under the banner “Empower Her* Voice” has taken to the pavements of Dublin in protest against street harassment.

The campaign targets catcalling and groping, highlighting passive attitudes towards assault against women in Irish society.

EH*V asked women to share their experiences anonymously and have been flooded with accounts. The women’s testimonies are documented on the very streets where the assaults occurred, a powerful and graphic reminder of the horrible truth that nowhere is safe.

Even Molly Malone can’t exist in peace without being groped for ‘good luck’ for feck’s sake. And by calling out what some view as a harmless ‘tradition’, EHV highlights what they say is the deeper issue of entitlement towards women’s bodies and normalisation of harassment culture.

Faster Fashion

Credit: Daihatsu

From fast-fashion to fast-promo, viral Chinese live streamer Zheng Xiang Xiang earned $18.7 million in a week, promoting 1 product every 3 seconds.

Delivering the content with a highly entertaining deadpan persona, Zheng Xiang Xiang speeds through rails-upon-rails of luxury products, flashing a quick preview of the item and the price, before tossing it aside and moving on to the next item. If you blink, you’ll miss it!

Chinese TikTok influencers have become masters of this hyper promotion – with some streamers staying on live 24/7 in an attempt to sell as many products as physically possible. We love a grind but also … sleep?

As social media platforms continue to become key hubs for e-commerce, content creators are finding new ways to make a buck and this flash promo tactic has caught the eye of the world. In one way it reflects how we consume content online, as doom scrolling and quick hits of short-form content continues to be favoured by users.

Humans make the best AI

Last week, OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT,  announced that they’re rolling out a marketplace  where users can share and sell their very own customised GPTs.

Some listed examples given for custom GPTs include helping you learn the rules to any board game, teaching your kids math, and designing stickers (not sure there’s quite the same demand for the latter).

According to OpenAI, anyone can easily build their own GPT with no coding required. Considering a lot of ChatGPT users use it for niche and specific tasks either in the workplace or to make their home run more efficiently, it makes sense to offer the best customised GPTs to other users.

Finally, there’s a place to share, and maybe even profit from, your sticker design expertise.

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