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In this week’s Our Take, we check out a super Stanley cup that can take the heat and a campaign that has Snoop Dog speechless smokeless. In other news, Safer Gambling Week has all the right cards with their latest awareness campaign, and, as Black Friday kicks off, one initiative is asking consumers to not spend a dime!

F**K you, consumerism!

As Black Friday kicks off, an opposing initiative is raising voices to combat mass consumerism. Buy Nothing Day was created around the same time as Black Friday (1997) and its primary aim is, apparently, to ask consumers to be more conscious of how they spend.

Their rallying cry is to simply not spend money on Friday 24th, which for many is easier said than done, as Black Friday sales offer real deals at an expensive time of year.

The initiative hopes to shed light on the damage mass consumerism has on the climate. And while one day of protest against consumerism won’t have much impact on global warming, Buy Nothing Day does remind us that there are consequences to consumerism.

Snoop Dogg Snubs Smoke?

There was some surprise expressed last week when Snoop Dogg announced in an Instagram post that he was “giving up smoke”. A true Rap-ture really.

The acclaimed artist and famous toker later announced that he wasn’t quitting the devil’s lettuce,  but smoke from his firepit as he revealed himself to be the new face of smokeless stove brand, Solo Stoves.  

Anything for a buck, eh Snoop?

Props to the marketing team who brought Snoop Dog into the smokeless stove world. This is a wacky partnership which has benefited the brand with media and social media users quickly turning the marketing stunt into a viral moment. Check out the Solo Stove ad here.

Super Stanley

Are Stanley products “built for life” as their motto says? This viral TikTok might’ve just answered that question and given Stanley the best marketing opportunity of the year.

Things kicked off when Tik-Tok user @danimarilettering posted a pic of her car destroyed after an accidental fire – seats burned to a crisp, the steering wheel melted, windows shattered – the whole shebang. But one item was completely unscathed, a trusty Stanley tumbler nestled comfortably in the cup holder of the scorched vehicle. Even the ice was still in the drink.

The video went viral and the president of Stanley, Terrence Reilly, promptly responded, with his own video offering @danimarielettering not only more Stanley cups for free, but a new car as well. 

With both videos amassing over 100 million views in only 6 days, the Stanley team acted fast to turn what could’ve been a tragedy into a triumph for the brand.

Playing it safe

Photo credits: Safer Gambling UK

Safer Gambling is a UK initiative created to encourage, well, safer gambling. Their online hub provides knowledge, resources and online supports. No beginners luck here as the campaign returns for its 7th consecutive year and to mark it, Betfred launched a campaign that reminds gamblers to ‘keep it fun’.

The campaign encourages people to gamble responsibly and to create a healthier relationship with gambling. It also highlights the importance of open conversations between friends about betting habits.

This November, Safer Gambling Week generated over 50 million social media impressions across platforms like Facebook and Instagram which is a reported 70% increase from last year’s event. Bingo!

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