Edition 132 – The Youth Edit

In this special edition of Our Take, we are talking all things Youth, from how they’re hijacking existing online spaces to protest for causes they believe in, to building new avenues to showcase their creativity. We take a look at a Heineken campaign that really connects with Gen Z, and we do a deep dive into what brands need to know about Gen Alpha.

Because the youth of today is already shaping tomorrow.

Check it out below.

Heineken kicks it with Gen Z!

Heineken Thailand are getting Gen Z beer lovers to choose Heineken by getting them to kick in a wall for some iconic sneakers.

The campaign launched with posters featuring an outline of a size 9 foot in locations across Bangkok. Passers-by were encouraged to place their foot against the wall and snap a pic to share on their socials.

In a true Cinderella moment, the foot that fit the outline was in for a chance of winning a pair of the super rare, limited edition size 9 Heineken sneakers. 

Hot on the heels of Heineken’s Henekicks series, which saw the creation of these limited edition shoes made in partnership with legendary designer The Shoe Surgeon, the Ads That You Can Kick campaign was created by Thai agency Flash Bomber to make the beer cool with a new generation of beer drinkers.

This campaign increased brand awareness amongst Gen Z in Thailand and showed that when marketing to them, distinctive and engaging experiences, and unique rewards, can create genuine connections.

Protest is not a game

A surge in virtual activism in games such as Roblox, Fortnite, Animal Crossing and Club Penguin has allowed young activists to protest with enhanced anonymity and bypass censorship while staying safe.

These virtual protests first gained popularity during the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement on Fortnite but in the past few weeks, Gen Alpha have been flocking to Roblox and other sites to show their support for Palestine.

Virtual protests allow Gen Alpha to feel involved with activism in a safer way. And it asks the question – if everyone is online, is it virtual activism, or just activism?

60% of Roblox users are under 16 and the rise in virtual protests gives an insight into how younger generations are interacting with the world through these virtual spaces. Play is important to Gen Alpha,  but playing and protesting is a game changer!  

Ireland’s new creative spaces

Gen Z in Ireland and beyond are creating micro-communities to share their creativity with the world. Groups like The X Collective, Thrust Collective and the recent launch of Dublin Independent Fashion Weekend, are popping up across the country, providing ways for niche groups to reach new audiences.

The micro-communities offer a new route for those trying to break into a creative industry.

Dublin multimedia platform lips2ears are one such platform, offering a podium for artists to share their music, if they aren’t interested or able to get in front of big labels. Check them out here.

The increase in micro-communities is something brands can engage with, but only if they respect that these spaces are a response to younger consumers’ search for more honest and authentic experiences.

Are brands ready for Gen Alpha?

Gen Z are in their prime but let’s get ready for Gen Alpha – after all, there will 2.2 billion of them by 2024.

A new report from Razorfish has some key findings that all brands should know! Check out the full report here and below for some highlights.

  • Gen Alpha are purpose driven, they are givers, focused on change and helping others and the planet.
  • Authenticity is key. Gen Alpha are often described as heightened Gen Z, with their values being the same but in turbo mode. This means Gen Alpha have opinions and are happy to share them. If brands are not aligned with their values, conversion / retention will be tough.
  • For Gen Alpha, mental health and emotional wellbeing are a priority, and they are not afraid to talk about it. They believe there must be a balance between their dependency with tech and want to use it for fun and less time wasting.  Bye bye doom scrolling and goblin mode.
  • They expect higher brand maturity with many of their favourite brands considered to be adult focused.

Gen Alpha are already consumers across the world and as the years progress, they will be key in deciding which brands live or die! So, keep your eyes peeled!

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