Edition 136

This week, we have the scoop on Petfluencers, from puppy eyes to feline fame! Swiss policies hope to draw a line under the war on drugs. Trump trolls Biden and possibly himself. And Loud Budgeting makes some noise on financial empowerment.

Bow Wow MEOW Kitty Claw Kitty Pay

Taylor Swift’s feline sidekick, Olivia Benson, is making headlines this week with a reported net worth of over $97 million. Travis must be feline left out.  

So, how did the cat get the cash? Her rise to feline fame began with appearances in several of her mistresses’s music videos and continued with a Diet Coke commercial. Recently, she got her claws on Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Favourite Pet Award. Truly, OB has been blessed, booked and busy.

However, Olivia Benson’s stardom is not a singular occurrence. More and more pet owners are building social media pages for their furry friends and raking in the benefits. From Amber The Irish Persian to Princess Sally the rescue dog, pet influencers in Ireland are on the rise.

And why not? A report from hypeauditor.com reveals that pet influencers actually have a higher average engagement rate than humans.  So those cute puppy eyes could earn a buck or two for the family.

Sneachta for Switzerland

Image: Unsplash

A line a day keeps the doctor away. At least Switzerland thinks so. Wealthy Switzerland has one of the highest levels of cocaine use in Europe (beaten only by Ireland) and the Swiss capital, Bern, is considering legalising cocaine. A bit. Bern’s proposal for a pilot scheme intends to sell the drug for recreational use in the city.

The war on drugs has failed the world over, and we can see this reflected in the policy changes that have been slowly sneaking their way onto the books over the last decade. During the 2000s, many countries began to decriminalise cannabis. Then, during the 2010s, there was a growing shift towards legalising cannabis for medical use while places like Canada and Thailand began to legalise it entirely.

Thilo Beck, an addiction expert from Switzerland, has said, “Cocaine isn’t healthy – but the reality is that people use it. We can’t change that, so we should try to ensure people use it in the safest, least damaging way.”

Right now, Bern is still in the brainstorming phase. Change depends on getting everyone on board – government officials, health experts, and the public. If that happens, Bern’s policymakers could lead the charge in a major shake-up of drug policy, one line at a time.


As the 2024 U.S. presidential election race begins in earnest, Trump the troll has turned it up a notch with his latest ad: White House Senior Living. The satirical ad doesn’t mention policy, or character, or leadership. Instead, it mocks Biden’s age, showcasing the White House as a senior citizen living facility.

The ad consists of several clips of Biden doing everyday activities, as a soothing voiceover sarcastically describes him as a senior resident living a life of comfort.

“Our vibrant facility offers delightful activities…” says the voiceover, as we see Biden shuffle along a golf course.

“Around-the-clock professional care…” the voice continues, as Biden is slowly helped into a jacket.

And it ends with a severe… “White House Senior Living, where residents feel like presidents”.

Biden is already the oldest president to hold office and would be 82 at the start of a second term. Of course, the second oldest president to ever serve is Trump himself, who, should he prevail in this year’s vote, will also take that record from Biden. So, you know… Pot, kettle, oh my back!


Image: Upsplash

Loud Budgeting has blown up on social media platforms. Coined by Lukas Battle in his ins and outs for 2024 video on TikTok, Loud budgeting is “the art of intentional spending and regaining financial agency”. The trend invites viewers to be more conscious of their financial choices and, crucially, to be more vocal about their savings.

To really live the loud budgeting lifestyle, budgeters must make their frugality obvious – telling everyone around them about the spending that will not happen. According to Battle, you must think, “It’s not ‘I don’t have enough,’ it’s ‘I don’t want to spend’”.  

Loud budgeting is being received as a positive money trend for 2024 as it encourages people to discuss their financial goals with those around them, to feel no shame in saving and it empowers them to take more control over how they spend their money.

We’ll say it loud: we’re on board with it.

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