Edition 148

This week, Burger King teaches us that passion never gets old, Mexican NIMBYs can’t Ban the Banda, a gruesome safety campaign of spare parts, and Electric Car sales seem to stall. Check it out below!

Passionate Pensioners

Image: BurgerKing Brazil

Whoever said the hot flame of love burns out with age never ate at Burger King!

The fast-food royal is celebrating its 70th year with a steamy campaign that shows the undying passion… of hot and horny pensioners.

Yep, you did just read that. Burger King is using pics of old folks gettin’ frisky to mark its birthday. And we honestly couldn’t love it more.

The ads might seem to be ignoring the younger generations that typically consumes fast-food, but they hit on a wonderful universal truth. You don’t have to be bland and boring after 70 years.

All in all, if your flame of passion is burning low, go grab a Burger King… just don’t do it in the car park while you’re at it.

Don’t Ban The Banda

Mexico’s ‘Banda’ music is loud, joyful music for dancing to. It’s often played on beaches by musicians looking for a few dollars per song. So of course, a group of angry tourists and middle-class gentrifiers pushed for an ‘anti-noise’ law that would effectively ban the Banda from the beaches of Mazatlán.

Naturally, banning Mexicans from playing Mexican music on Mexican beaches did not go down well. There were protests, and impromptu concerts were performed on the beaches and around the city. There was music everywhere! (Regrettably, there was also violence after fights broke out between musicians and the police who tried to stop them).

The thing about loud music though, is that it gets heard, and there was plenty of support for the musicians. Even the president of México had something to say, and in the end the “anti-noise” law was quietly removed.

So, let the music play in Mazatlán, ¡y qué viva México, cabr****!

Made of Spare (Human) Parts

Image: National Highways

In a campaign that seems like a cross between Flann O’Brien’s Third Policeman and The Terminator, National Highways in the UK has built a motorcycle from titanium parts. Human body parts, that is. Specifically it’s made with the artificial limbs, bones and other surgical parts, that are used to reconstruct damaged and missing body parts after an accident.   

Motorcycle riders often say their bikes feel like extensions of their body, and the campaign builds on this insight, showing how far their reliance on metal could go if they’re not careful.

The motorcycle will tour biking events across the UK this year, accompanied by bikers who also have titanium replacements to continue the conversations needed to drive change, and save lives.

EV Market needs a recharge

Photo by Michael Marais on Unsplash

Watt a shame! Recent data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) has shown a slowdown in electric car sales as they accounted for just 14% of new registrations during the first three months of this year, as diesel car sales increased.

The market has gone into reverse on a global scale too, with Reuters reporting that Tesla has cancelled its long-promised inexpensive electric vehicle which was supposed to make EVs available to everyone. But fear not, Tesla is still promising to develop self-driving robo-taxis on the same small-vehicle platform.

The EV industry has spent the past several years racing to make the world EV-ready but their ambitions are hampered by slow pace of development in infrastructure. Shocking!

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