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This week, we look at a campaign in the UK that is calling out misogyny amongst mates. Paying by palm is the new thing in America and McDonald’s is savouring the moment on screen with a new order function that will have you craving some munch! And, in a world where over-sharing has some dangerous risks online, one campaign is hoping to raise awareness amongst parents posting pics of their kids. Check it out below.

Say maaate to a mate

How far does someone have to take it before you speak up and step in? The Mayor of London’s latest campaign ‘Say Maaate to a Mate’ encourages boys and men to speak up against misogyny.

As well as some powerful posters, the campaign includes an interactive short film that puts you in a living room with a group of young men. The atmosphere becomes increasingly tense as one of the lads mouths off with a series of escalating misogynistic and sexist comments – from undermining women’s abilities to body shaming and blatant sadism.

Throughout the film, the viewer has the option to press a button that prompts one of the bystanders to “step in” and call out the behaviour. The video gets its point across strongly, but with a minimum of preachiness. Each intervention is a fairly realistic example of how mates talk to each other. So here’s hoping it helps to normalise a new set of behaviours.


Don’t have a snack attack

McDonald’s Netherlands

Have you ever watched someone eat or drink something on TV and immediately been hungry for that exact meal? We’ve all salivated at the TV… right? Well, with their ‘Order That Scene’ app, McDonald’s in the Netherlands let you satisfy that craving – as long as that scene included McDonald’s food, of course.

With over 30 McDonald’s-munching scenes included, app users can scan the scene, and have the meal delivered straight to your door. Billboards around the Netherlands display some of these iconic McDonald’s scenes where you can play along to ‘Order That Scene’ or win prizes such as cinema tickets.

Calling it a ‘reverse product placement campaign’, McDonald’s were really thinking outside the box when this campaign rolled out in May. Reaching new and existing audiences, it is a fantastic way to target those who opt for streaming services over traditional TV. Could this be the beginning of a new way to shop, eat, drink? We’re not sure, but we do know we’re definitely craving a McDonald’s now. Advertising works folks!

Over Sharenting

Deutsche Telekom’s newest campaign is urging parents to “ShareWithCare” and focuses on the responsible use of children’s photos on the internet.

Parents are the gatekeepers to their children’s digital presence, and many are trigger happy when uploading images to the internet. This campaign reminds parents that oversharing can have ramifications for a child’s future.

 ‘ShareWithCare’ sheds a light on how an innocent image could be taken advantage of – from deepfakes to digital theft, the campaign addresses how social media was created for people to share all of life’s important (and unimportant) moments, but asks the question – how much is too much?

You can check out more on the campaign here

Palm it forward

Credit: Amazon

Amazon One’s ‘pay with your palm’ service has reached three million users in the US, and is used both online and in 400 stores across America.

With this growth in popularity, there is little doubt that we will be seeing this technology in Ireland soon. 

Will it catch on here?  We think so. Palm payments seem to be incredibly convenient and cuts out another item on your checklist before you leave the house.

When it comes to security, the company highlights that Amazon One does not use raw palm images to identify a person. Instead, it looks at the palm and the underlying vein structure to create a unique palm signature.

Allegedly this is highly accurate and can’t be impersonated or used without consent.

So, it’s a thumbs up from us, and we look forward to welcoming Amazon One with open palms!

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