Edition 128 The Inclusivity Edit

More than ever, brands are acknowledging the importance of visibility, representation and inclusivity.

With this special edition, we wanted to celebrate those who are doing it right, creating impactful campaigns and actively changing the lives of marginalised people and communities.

Shifting the Lens: Inclusivity in Advertising

Image credits: Weet-bix

Shift 20 is a new initiative that aims to improve inclusivity in advertising for people with disabilities through representative storytelling, inclusive casting and accessible communication.

Based in Australia, the organisation’s powerful campaign video sheds light on the experiences of people living with visible and invisible disabilities and how the lack of representation impacts them. Almost 20% of Australians have a disability but are represented in just 1% of advertisements, despite being consumers and most importantly – people with relatable human experience.

The initiative is pioneered by people living with disabilities who understand first-hand the need for and impact of representation. There is real value in making people affected by disability more visible, while working together to create solutions.

This campaign is focused on making inclusivity and accessibility a collective priority instead of an afterthought and we’re here for it!

AI takes a LipSTICK it to the Stigma!

Image credits: MAC Cosmetics “Viva Glam” 2000 Campaign Party for HIV/AIDS Research

This year, to commemorate Pride month, MAC launched their first Viva Glam Day of Giving fundraiser.

On 9th June, all proceeds made from Viva Glam lipsticks were donated to organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community and whose missions are to create sexual, gender and racial equality. 

For decades MAC has been a committed ally to the queer community. Since the HIV/AIDS crisis of 40 years ago, they have donated over $500 million to grantees such as the Hetrick-Martin Institute and the Los Angeles LGBT Centre.

As a new generation of consumers looks for brands that care about social justice and humanitarian causes, performative allyship has become commonplace. But MAC stands out as a brand that is genuinely committed to making a difference.

A Strut in the Right Direction: Fashion for EveryBODY

Credit: Selkie

Selkie is making fashion more inclusive and accessible one runway at a time.

A standout at NYFW for many this year, Selkie’s curation broke necks and sparked a lot of discourse online.

Flamboyant looks were modelled by wheelchair users, models across varying ages, races and gender identities.

For the longest time Western beauty has been synonymous with thinness and Eurocentric features. But Selkie’s ethereal, delicate collection was a big fabulous fuck you to the status quo. Our verdict: slay.

We adore Selkie’s ability to celebrate fashion in a way that embraces our differences and inspires all.

YouTube Black Voices Fund

YouTube continued its commitment to amplifying Black voices in Africa with a two-day event in Kenya to celebrate the 2023 #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund grantees. Launched in 2020, the programme has helped over 500 creators and artists grow their channels by giving them access to a range of resources including seed funding, training and networking opportunities.

We spend so much time plugged in that ensuring we are inclusive online has become just as important as it is IRL. The Black Voices Fund is a great example of creating opportunities for marginalised creators, while cultivating a more inclusive platform for all of us.  

We love this campaign for how it not only acknowledges systemic disadvantages, but comes up with empowering ways to at least begin to bridge the gaps.

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