Vardis Website


Vardis asked us for a website.
We gave them a marketing platform.

Our design for property services group Vardis took the bold shapes of their logo, combined it with some great new imagery, and built a dynamic, visually arresting, and thoroughly branded website. Along with the strong visual style, we developed punchier, more effective copy, including the tagline “Property, properly done”.

Dare we say this is web marketing, properly done?

Custom design, with user-friendly familiarity

In a cookie cutter world of web dev, we designed a modern and user-friendly website that combines a clean and minimalist layout, with strong, customized branding.

It’s fully responsive, and optimised for easy navigation and fast load times, with clear calls-to-action that encourage users to explore Vardis Group’s services and previous projects. And to top it off, we developed an easy-to-use site backend on WordPress, making it easy for the client to update the site without any complicated code.

Clear and concise copy that makes a point

Crafting clear and concise messaging was a top priority. We worked closely with Vardis to make sure the site got to the point and reflected Vardis Group’s position as a true industry leader. And we ensured that the site content was accessible for both humans and search engines.

The final result was a modern, user-friendly website that effectively communicated Vardis Group’s brand values and showcased their expertise. The user-friendly design and clear messaging helped to improve engagement, while the optimized content improved the site’s visibility in search engines.

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