Edition 55

Summer feels so close now we can practically taste it!

There’s a lot of joy in this week’s edition – we’ve got retail experiences made special, boring chores made fun, and a beautiful publication celebrating football’s black community. We also look at an important step in the right marketing direction from Unilever, and a packaging solution that allows you to drink beer AND learn something new!

Read all about it in this week’s Our Take.

SIP, SHOP, SPEND: The retail combo of the future

Image from BBC

As we leave Covid behind, a yearning has developed within our souls for more adventures out in the big bad world. Who would have thought that it was experience-based retail offerings which would be the must do thing?

It’s one thing to visit your hairdresser or barbers and be offered a beer or glass of bubbly, but fashion stores across European high streets are going above and beyond when it comes to their brand ambassador duties. Not only are staff assisting customers choose their new outfits, but they are also becoming city guides, giving the lowdown on the hottest gigs, dining experiences and bars in the area – your own personal concierge while shopping? Yes please!

Going to a laundrette to get your washing done has also had a glam upgrade – it’s a job that’s not most people’s idea of fun, but co-founders of Laundry and Latte in the Essex town of Brentwood want to change this. As its name suggests, their business is both a laundry and a café. And better still, the venue is fully licenced, meaning customers can even enjoy a cocktail while waiting for the washing to be done.

Time is precious, so I think we can agree this is a great way to avoid getting into a spin and take some time to relax every now and again.

Ode to Black Joy in Football

Sourced by Football’s Black Gaze

Football has the power to bring out the best and worst in people. This week we came across a forward-thinking publication that is making it their mission to highlight the importance of representation in a beautiful way. Beyond the ever-present backdrop of racism, the black community’s triumphs, unapologetic innovation, and nuanced realities in football and fashion has been long overdue for creative exploration.

Season zine’s latest issue, as well as an exhibition supported by Football’s Black Gaze, is titled Black Joy. The issue is dedicated to celebrating the sport’s black community – on and off the field – through the eyes of ten different creatives and collectives.

Shoutout to both platforms for how they have highlighted the football community’s ongoing racism issues. It’s about time we reject the standard framework of trauma and oppression imposed on Black narratives and seek to go beyond discussions of diversity, identity, and representation.

Less is more for Unilever

Consumer goods giant Unilever has announced that it is taking a fresh and interesting approach to their marketing strategy by marketing to LESS people: under new guidelines, the company has committed to not target any child under the age of 16.

This progressive move will see the consumer goods manufacturer stop working with celebrities and social media influencers who are themselves under 16, or whose fanbases largely target that age group.

Unilever claims they want to be the first to raise the bar on responsible marketing particularly across social media and has plans for all brands across its food and refreshment portfolio to adopt these new principles by 2023. This will include the marketing of products including Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and their Wall’s portfolio, which feature Calippo, Twister and Cornetto in its range.

We have to applaud Unilever for being aware of the power that social media and influencers have on children and making the conscious choice to avoid marketing to these vulnerable age groups.


Throughout history, for right or for wrong, alcohol has always been attributed to making consumers believe that they can do anything. Usually, it’s something ridiculous but what if you could actually learn a skill while enjoying a beer?

New York brewery Single Cut Beersmiths have developed a can which helps drinkers learn to play guitar. With every new four pack of Notes IPA, each can features a different label displaying a foundational guitar chord: C, D, G and E-minor. By holding the can like you would a guitar, users can learn the chords and because of the labels distinct finish, get a feel for what the actual strings are like. The music inspired brewers went one step further by creating a scannable Snapchat code which unlocked an AR guitar lesson, letting the player hear how the chords should sound and even going as far as being able to create shareable music via the platform.

We’ve seen so many incredibly smart and interactive ways brands have used to engage their customers and this one is music to our ears. Could you imagine the popularity of this If it was available Irish shores? Annoying house party performers across the country would be fretting as they’re outdone by the beer balladeers who can play Africa by Toto on their can… for that alone makes this the perfect product.

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