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365 days of working from home, can you believe it? We try not to mention the C word around here, but it’s been some year. Take a break from the serious stuff for the next few minutes and enter into Our Take on some of the cool stuff that grabbed our attention this week. We’re talking scrumptious shadows, storage solutions, Mother’s Day and how Tinder is supporting a new kind of ‘safe sex’.

e.l.f cosmetics & Chipotle hungry for a unique collab

Credit: Forbes.com

There is nothing more I love more than an unusual brand collaboration and this one from e.l.f absolutely takes the cake… or should we say the burrito?

e.l.f Cosmetics have partnered with US fast-food giant Chipotle to create a limited edition collection. But what is it that these brands have in common you might ask? They’re both using TikTok to rehaul their marketing strategies to hit their key demographic – Gen Z. This PR drop featured on the channels of some of TikTok’s biggest and brightest creators and we can absolutely see why.

With the bright colours, an adorable avocado make-up sponge and salsa inspired lip-gloss this collection is one we foresee to be a hit with the Gen-Zers. Though I’m not too sure I’d be rocking a guacamole inspired eye look any time soon…

Instagram Lite hits Google Play store

Source: Mashable

Worried about the amount of data you use on Instagram every day or the storage space on your phone? Worry no more, because Instagram have just launched Instagram Lite. Instagram Lite is a lighter version of the original Instagram application and takes up only 2MB of your phones storage space.

Okay, so if you have the latest Samsung device, chances are you won’t need this. However sadly, millions of people across the world don’t have that luxury. It’s great to see a brand like Instagram, owned by Facebook, create a version of their popular app that is more accessible to those with entry level smart phones that don’t have large storage capacity. Facebook launched its own version of Lite a few years ago, so with as Instagram entering the fray will other social networks be reeled in to follow suit?

Nike Celebrates Mother’s Day 2021

Source: Ad Week

Let’s face it, brands are always going to piggy back on large holidays and Mother’s Day is of course no exception. However, some brands ditched the cheesy pink flower cards and sent a different message this year and we’re here for it. This week we’re applauding Nike who used Mother’s Day to launch their new maternity wear in a powerful campaign that opened the discussion of pregnant women and how they feel about their changing bodies, particularly when it comes to their fitness and exercise routines.

To demonstrate this, the sports brand premiered a TVC featuring more than 20 mothers across various stages of their pregnancy, all of whom are continuing to exercise in their preferred ways. Alongside everyday athletes, some professionals are also thrown in for good measure. Keen viewers will spot the likes of Alex Morgan, Perri Edwards, Bianca Williams, and, of course, Serena Williams. We love to see brands represent real life women in a real life way. 

Dating and the pandemic?

Source: Mashable

All kinds of social interaction has suffered as the result of the coronavirus pandemic, but dating surely has taken the hardest hits of all. Hence why some brands are going out of their way to help singles get back out there. Tinder is the latest to hop on the lockdown love train offering the first 500 matches free antigen coronavirus tests produced by Everlywell.

In a collaboration that is only available to users in the US, Tinder say they’re delighted to be offering the users a chance to meet their dates safely. There is one potential catch, and its not your dream date. The T&C’s state that a negative result doesn’t necessarily mean you’re COVID free so could this be a risky move from Tinder during a crucial time in the fight against the pandemic or are they becoming a leader in safe and healthy dating as singletons across the world re-enter the scene? Time will tell no doubt.

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