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This week, Glamour Magazine does not put baby, or paid leave bills, in the corner. Clarks goes to infinity and Wallabeeyond in a new campaign in the metaverse. A click it like you mean it website shows us how write a better CTA, and we check out the brand that sponsors female athletes playing while on their period.

Get Your Sh*it Together, Baby

Credit – Glamour Magazine

So when is it too early to educate kids to manage their own expenses?

‘Get Your Sh*t Together Baby’ is a new collection of children stories from Glamour magazine that teaches newborns how to cope by themselves when their mum goes back to work. Babies are taught how to use a credit card, how to video call a pediatrician, and how to simulate valuable skin-to-skin contact with their missing mum by cuddling up to her leather purse. 

The satirical collection draws attention to the dire lack of Maternity Leave in the US, with many mothers having to return to work within two weeks of giving birth. The project is part of larger campaign to get the #passpaidleave bill enacted. 

The series makes a bold statement that raises awareness on an important issue and brings it to the attention of the public through satire.

Click it like you mean it

The world needs better calls to action, and to show us how it’s done, someone put together strongctas.com. It’s just buttons. Unignorable buttons. Like “don’t delay dumbass!”,  “make marketers happy” and “click it like you mean it”.

OK, so it’s not a serious source of practical examples of calls to action – we realised that when we saw boring old ‘learn more’ on the first button – but maybe it’s a fun reminder that you can do better. Dumbass.

To infinity and WALLABEEYOND

Photo credit: Clarks Originals

Shoe brand Clarks is showing up in the metaverse! In partnership with Empire Music, the makers of the popular Wallabee shoe will host a virtual concert with Afrobeat superstar Fireboy headlining, along with DML, Cape Verdean American singer-songwriter June Freedom, and Nigerian singer Nissi.

While Clarks typically appeals to older shoppers and families, the brand is no stranger to getting the viral treatment amongst Gen Z’s and the Beyond Worlds campaign is directed to these younger consumers. In the campaign shots, Fireboy DML wears Wallabees from the Clarks Originals Jacquard Collection which showcases a fresh representation of what the Clarks customer looks like and how the brand face has evolved over the years.

The metaverse was all the rage in 2022 but has the ship sailed on Meta concerts becoming viral moments? Maybe. But it is interesting to see how a company that sold shoes to your great-great-grandfather is adapting to reach yet another generation.

A Sponsorship that’s all Padding

Credit: Kimberley Clarke

Seven out of 10 girls drop out of sport when they begin menstruating. The reason? Embarrassment, fear of leaks and menstrual cramps.

Tackling this issue head on, feminine care brand Intimus by Kimberly Clarke made an unprecedented move by sponsoring only female athletes who were playing while on their period.

In April,  champion Volleyball player Nyeme Costa entered the court in a jersey that featured her name printed inside the shape of a feminine pad, and a tagline that translates to “Menstruating or not, she can.”

It’s a welcome change in womens’ sport and coincides with the news that the England’s womens’ team are switching from white to dark blue shorts over concerns of leaks while playing on their period.

Intimus’ campaign is an excellent example of using marketing to start an important conversation. Intimus are not only championing women but driving brand affinity, it’s a win-win.

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