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Day by day our world is evolving, and with it new ideas are conceived, and brands adapt. This week’s Our Take is looking at evolution in small or grander forms.

Fashion futurists are turning their bedrooms into laboratories for exciting experiments and we are loving it, and if that’s not enough – luxury fashion brands are now dressing buildings and the results are something else.

All revealed below…

‘Start Up’ your old Apple iPod, there’s a new tune in town

Credit: Famous Campaigns

Apple is celebrating 45 years of breakthrough technology with a new track created entirely of Apple sounds. Don’t know about you, but we can’t believe Apple’s been around for 45 years. Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday you were peeling the plastic off your ultra-hip iPod nano?

Anyway, at their ‘Unleashed’ event they shared the song they created with Artist-Producer A. G. Cook. The song was mixed from scratch using only iconic Apple sounds such as the MACs turning on, an email whoosh, keyboard sounds, iPod click wheel, AirPods case closing and loads more.

To the average consumer, this is a bit of fun, however we can see it for what is, an clever marketing ploy because not only does the music video and song hero Apple products throughout, but the whole track was put together using Apple’s own software. Conveniently, at a time when they were announcing new audio-led products!

Check it out below, in fairness to them you could definitely bop to this on your next night out in Coppers!

Paint the town Prada

Prada has brought style to the streets of Europe by adding a bit of their well-known luxury to iconic buildings, all inspired by their latest Autumn/Winter collection.

The first ‘Feels Like Prada’ building in Milan was unveiled on September 20th, however buildings in London, Amsterdam and Paris began popping up in the following weeks. The unveilings also neatly coincided with Paris Fashion Week, keeping the timing as impeccable as the buildings.

The objective of the campaign is to convey the tone and style of Prada’s collection via artistic installations that repurposed the same patterns that are featured in their latest collection. Alongside the obvious attention-grabbing, Prada has also collaborated with creative consultancy NEWU to recruit influencers to promote the campaign on their feeds. These include Chiara Ferragni in Milan, Young Emperors & Sulivan Gwed in Paris and Elite Model World’s Susie Lau and Tiffany Hsu in London.

Miranda Priestly would certainly approve.

Bio-utiful designs from nature

Jump on over to TikTok or Instagram and you will find an abundance of click bait trends that lead to nowhere. This week however, we spotted some bio savvy students who are bringing fashion and mother earth closer together in a freakishly beautiful way.

Social media users such as @mat_wise and Simone Lawler are turning their bedrooms into laboratories, forging bio-ateliers from bacteria, food waste, and fungi to create textiles and outfits. Using social media to document their cultivation of biomaterials these fashion-mad-scientists are creating fabrics from natural, plant-based materials and the results are incredible.

The new bio-design trend has grown feet amongst younger generations who look to the craft to combat some of the issues surrounding fashion, like waste and non-biodegradable materials.

In response to the increase in demand for bio-materials, companies such as Ecovative Design are currently scaling up their technology to create more slabs of mycelium (a popular material to bio-design with) making it easier to bring the material to market at a wider scale.

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