Edition 53

In this week’s Our Take, TikTok takes center stage at the Grammys for a pop-culture musical moment. In Norway, McDonalds are setting a McMood with some aesthetic shots that are raising awareness around waste and littering.  In the world of design, we take a look at 36 Days of Type, an initiative that sparks the … Read more

Edition 49

What a week for ducks. We don’t mind the cold, but the rain… ugh. Anyway, what were we saying? Ah yes, time to share some of our favourites bits and bobs of inspiration from the week that’s in it. This week we rejoice in the opening of the first ever Vagina Museum in London, we … Read more

Edition 46

From Valentine’s Day to the Superbowl, this week was sure to throw up some marketing genius. But you’ve probably seen most of that already, so we’re bringing you some of the quirkier and more interesting highlights. We check out a Brooklyn Zoo that has some interesting gifts for lovebugs; does fast food slowdown in the … Read more

Edition 41

Pinterest Predicts…

Breathe it in… 2022 is kicking off to a great start in the worlds of trends and fads. For the first Our Take of 2022 we hear about Workations as remote working goes international. CDs are back folks, with thanks to Adele and Taylor Swift and we cast our gaze towards Pinterest’s 2022 trends report … Read more

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